How To Write a Hit Song

Achieving "hit writer" status has always been a formidable goal for any songwriter. Never more so, however, than in the 21st century. 

Catching the ear of the monumentally distracted, fragmented listener has never been more difficult. 

Getting their attention, inviting them in to your song and keeping them there for long enough for your song to become "their song” requires more than being just a "good" songwriter. 

Murphy’s Laws of Songwriting: The Book arms the songwriter for success by demystifying the process and opening the door to serious professional songwriting. Hall of Fame songwriter, Paul Williams, said in his review of the book, “If there was a hit songwriters' secret handshake, Ralph Murphy would probably have included it.” 

From the author: "This book represents a voyage of discovery. As a child, watching the joy/solace/comfort/pure pleasure people took in singing songs, I wanted to write the words and music that became 'their song'. I wanted to hear those songs sung in the clubs, on the street, in the car, and in grocery stores. I wanted people dancing, falling in love, falling out of love, skating, or doing dishes to them. In other words, I wanted hits. Not just hits but big hits...hits that would last."

Ralph Murphy